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Why Us

What makes us different from others

Data Privacy & Security

Data security and privacy for us is of the utmost importance. we never track any personal information in Reflux log nor we give your information to any third -party application or company. Reflux log is designed to help you track your symptoms, triggers , medications and food.


Use Focus

Our primary aim is to provide users clear information regarding their reflux, daily food log and reflux triggers and symptoms. We strive and work towards providing the users with the best experience for it. Dashboard provides a quick glance on details regarding your refluxes and your last reflux effect of medications, food log etc.


Reflux log provides you with tons of reports which in turn helps your doctor to diagnose your acid reflux. 5 premium reports including reflux log, reflux journal, food log, symptoms log and medication report which display all relevant data in easy to use report format.